Omega Water filtration system

Septic tank

OMEGA SG Filter Series - Septic & Grease

OMEGA SG Filter Series - Septic & Grease

OMEGA Liquid Waste Solutions inc. has developed a self-cleaning filter. The filter can be used on mobile equipment used for sewer, septic tank and grease trap cleaning to the next level with the ability to recycle water.

The  filters work continuously and returns 15% more recycled water than any other filtering solution available on the market,  which leaves less water in the solid waste tank.

Key Features

  • Asset 1 Revolutionary liquid-solid separation filter
  • Asset 1 Auto-cleaning filtration system
  • Asset 1 Up to 5 times more septic tanks before disposal
  • Asset 1 Reduces disposal cost, transportation cost and GHG by 47%
  • Asset 1 Optimize your productivity
  • Asset 1 Use less resources
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